Nov 12

Print Groovy's classpath for debugging

groovy eclipse

Today I was in need to maintain an old Groovy project. I haven't used Groovy since upgrading to Galileo, so I had to reinstall the GroovyEclipse Plugin. No problem!

But although my scripts work on the command line, some dependencies were missing in Eclipse. So I used this little helper to print my classpath:

def printClassPath(classLoader) {
  println "$classLoader"
  classLoader.getURLs().each {url->
     println "- ${url.toString()}"
  if (classLoader.parent) {
printClassPath this.class.classLoader

Raised eyebrows, but the problem was easy to solve. Eclipse's classpath variables containes a GROOVY_HOME with a trailing slash. Remove the slash and you're good to go.

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