Jun 04

E-Mail Forwarding from Point to Gmail

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I use Point to manage the DNS of all my domains. Actually I think it's one of the best tools out there. All you've to do is to register the dnsX.pointhq.com nameservers at your domain provider and start managing your DNS settings from the easy to use Point interface.

But when I wanted to forward [email protected] to my [email protected] account, it didn't work. Note it's a standard Gmail account, not Google Apps. Even the User Manual does not contain a hint, but here's how!

Point Setup

As I said above the Point's user interface is so easy that it does all the work for you.

  • Edit your domain records
  • Click Manage E-Mail Forwarding on the right
  • Confirm and the needed MX records will be added
  • Click Add New E-Mail Alias on the right
  • Alias [email protected] to [email protected]
  • Save and done!

Gmail Setup

Although the example destination in Point mentions some @gmail.com address this didn't worked for me out of the box. When I send mails to [email protected], but they didn't appear in my Gmail inbox.

It took me some time to figure out what was wrong: I had to register the mail in Gmail, too.

  • Login to your [email protected] Gmail account
  • Go to Settings » Accounts and Imports » Send mail as
  • Click Send mail from another address
  • Enter [email protected] as address and send the verification
  • You'll get a confirmation mail from [email protected] … Yay, first time!
  • Use the code to confirm the address
  • That's it!

Now you can send mails to [email protected] and they appear in your inbox.

Note on wildcards

Point allows to set * as an alias, but Gmail does not. The catch-all approach is only allowed for Google Apps accounts. Strangely enough you can register *@foobar.com in Gmail and happily send mails as and to *. So this is just the name and not a wildcard.

What I did, I registered the * in Point and registered my needed mail addresses in Gmail. This way I don't have to configure both.

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