Jul 15

Compile and install Monit

wzuup monit

Find the latest stable Monit at http://www.tildeslash.com/monit/download/

Download and unpack

$ cd /tmp
$  wget http://www.tildeslash.com/monit/dist/monit-4.10.1.tar.gz
$ tar -xvzf monit-4.10.1.tar.gz 
$ cd monit-4.10.1


$ ./configure
monit has been configured with the following options:
                Architecture: LINUX
                 SSL support: enabled
       SSL include directory: /usr/include
       SSL library directory: /usr/lib
         resource monitoring: enabled
               resource code: sysdep_LINUX.c
         large files support: enabled
              Compiler flags: -g -O2 -Wall -D _REENTRANT -I/usr/include
                Linker flags: -lpthread -lcrypt -lresolv -lnsl  -L/usr/lib -lssl -lcrypto
           pid file location: /var/run

Make and install

$ make
$ make install
flex -i l.l
gcc -c -DLINUX -DSYSCONFDIR="\"/usr/local/etc\"" -I. -I./device -I./http -I./process -I./protocols -g -O2 -Wall -D _REENTRANT -I/usr/include  lex.yy.c -o lex.yy.o
gcc  alert.o collector.o control.o daemonize.o env.o event.o file.o gc.o getloadavg.o http.o log.o md5.o monitor.o net.o process.o sendmail.o sha.o signal.o socket.o spawn.o ssl.o state.o status.o util.o validate.o xmalloc.o xml.o device/device_common.o http/base64.o http/cervlet.o http/engine.o http/processor.o process/process_common.o protocols/apache_status.o protocols/clamav.o protocols/default.o protocols/dns.o protocols/dwp.o protocols/ftp.o protocols/generic.o protocols/http.o protocols/imap.o protocols/ldap2.o protocols/ldap3.o protocols/mysql.o protocols/nntp.o protocols/ntp3.o protocols/pgsql.o protocols/pop.o protocols/postfix_policy.o protocols/protocol.o protocols/rdate.o protocols/rsync.o protocols/smtp.o protocols/ssh.o protocols/tns.o device/sysdep_LINUX.o process/sysdep_LINUX.o y.tab.o lex.yy.o  -lfl -lpthread -lcrypt -lresolv -lnsl  -L/usr/lib -lssl -lcrypto -o monit 
/usr/bin/install -c  -m 755 -d /usr/local/bin || exit 1
/usr/bin/install -c  -m 755 -d /usr/local/share/man/man1 || exit 1
/usr/bin/install -c  -m 555 -s monit /usr/local/bin || exit 1
/usr/bin/install -c  -m 444 monit.1 /usr/local/share/man/man1/monit.1 || exit 1
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