Oct 07

Alter huge database tables using a temp table

sql oracle

In this case I had to delete some entries and alter the primary key of a huge table. I couldn't just fire up the DELETE and ALTER statements, because this would take to long. Causing in unnecessary DB load and a longer down-time.

The trick is to copy only the needed data to a temporary table, do the changes and swap the new and old tables. Please note, that the original table was not in productional use at this time, so no data was updated resp. lost!

  • Create a new table offer_pop_new with the content of offer_pop. Instead of deleting the entries just filter them.

        create table offer_pop_new as
        select *
        from offer_pop
        where id_channel not in ('priceminister_product_fr', 'priceminister_query_fr')
  • Alter the new table to your needs. For example adding a new primary key.

        alter table offer_pop_new
  • Swap the two tables current to old and new to current

        alter table offer_pop rename to offer_pop_old;
        alter table offer_pop_new rename to offer_pop;
  • Done!

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